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In this fast paced world, which is searching for emotional and cultural
connections, crafts of India can bring forth harmony.

The panorama of Indian crafts is a patchwork quilt of many hues and
shades of meaning, reflective of interactions with social, economic,
cultural and religious forces. At the end, we all crave for a deep
rooted connection to something that holds timeless value.
Craftsmanship brings with it an understanding of quality and
refinement, and the sensitivity that is gained through this work
culture would help us to a whole philosophy of values.

Group 21

Pure Décor

An authentic lifestyle asks you to find yourself. Your home should reflect the real you. It would constantly remind you your roots. Our Indian crafts hold real promise for the rediscovery of the therapeutic qualities of craftsmanship.
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Pure Her & Him

Luxury is not in expensive clothing, it is in owning pure clothing. Our collection of handcrafted and handloom made tops, dresses, sarees, comfort clothing and lots more will make you realise the real beauty of you in them.
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The origin of sustainability

Kalapunj Jewels

100% environment friendly

We use completely organic, naturally sourced material. Our organic food is derived from organic standards set by the ministry of AYUSH.


We believe in enriching the ones in need. All our product are made by artisans of India. They are either handmade or handloom made.

Made in India

We are a patriotic brand. We promote the skills and talent of the cultural land of India. All product are 100% India

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