The Lifestyle Gallery

KALAPUNJ is an experience gallery designed by Ar. Devang Shah especially for those who
believe in a pure, organic and a health lifestyle, which is unlike what we are
leading right now. With a wide variety of home decor, clothing, organic
food. brass articles and lots of other valuable daily essentials that we keep,
one can get back to the time when ‘MILAVAT’ was an offense

artisan and you picture

In the Vedic era, the society was divided into various Vamas. Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas
and Shudras. Letting the social differences be untouched the mercantilism was very
efficient and contextually appropriate for a country like India which has such a rich, diverse
and unique culture

But in the present time, some of the communities and the flair of those artists is vanishing
in this fast growing and rapidly changing generation generation. Putting a spotlight on these forgotten marvels is one of our missions.