It matters.
Do you live? or just live on?

Where you breathe, what you touch, the aesthetics that defines you,
the warmth that craves you. Build a space that grows timelessly like you.
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Let your space breathe with you

An expanding contingent of Indians in the creative fields are sourcing their inspiration locally. For years this new movement was hamstrung by the lack of patrons or a commercial market. Now we, the designers have the necessary encouragement, through the new national wealth and an aware market.

The use of materials, which is both confident and often unexpected, together with strong organic design elements breaking through the interior and the exterior. The unpainted walls vary from room to room, with both exposed mud lipan and chemical free soothing wall treatment playing a major part.

The heritage architecture and interior design add up to the essence of meaning living.
The use of natural materials in the elements inside the house leaves a long term impact on the body, mind, and soul.
Integrating home and art would leave a deepening effect on you and your loved one’s present and future.

I have spent the last twenty-five years designing a variety of innovative buildings that focus on combining inspirational environments with low energy sustainable design.

Throughout this time, I have realised the need for an individual to have a spiritual connection with the space they live or work in. The long term impact of it is substantial. Our approach is to activate spaces by integrating art, design, science and technology in a way that is collaborative, innovative, pragmatic yet playful.

Ar. Devang Shah
Co Founder Kalapunj